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Hamsa Nandini Latest Photos From Her Life

Hamsa Nandini (born Poonam Bartake) is an Indian model, dancer, and actress known for her works in Telugu cinema. She has modeled for MaaStars magazine, Celebrity Cricket League, and Hyderabad International Fashion week 2011 & 2013. Her birth name is Poonam, under she which she appeared in her first few films, but since there were too many people named Poonam in the film industry, director Vamsy rechristened her Hamsa Nandini. In 2014, she played the warrior princess Madanika in the Telugu historical Rudhramadevi. Hamsa Nandini was born and brought up in Pune and moved to Mumbai to become a model. She has been in the modeling industry since 2002, and has modeled for MaaStars magazine, Celebrity Cricket League, Hyderabad International Fashion week 2011 & 2013, and various television commercials. She graduated in commerce and enrolled in a PG in human resources in 2009. In 2013, all her four releases, Mirchi, Bhai, Atharintiki Daaredi and Ramayya Vasthavayya featured her in item numbers. She stated that she was happy “doing a five-minute dance number” as it gives her “phenomenal reach” and “a good platform to reach out to the masses”. Most recently she performed a special number in Legend.

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