Why was Jacqueline Fernandez cozying up to Salman Khan?

Woah! Why would she do that? Find out here…


So everyone knows at this point as a big name, Salman Khan’s one major obligation, or an obligation he has made imperative, is to ensure that he advances however many gifts as could be expected under the circumstances. Yes. On the off chance that you need to become showbiz royalty in Bollywood, take after Bhai’s strides by first being in his camp. Be that as it may, while he perceived a few capable faces and transformed them into on-screen characters, just a couple flourished in the rodent race of industry. One of them being the provocative Sri Lankan excellence, Jacqueline Fernandez. The performer worked with Salman in his hit film Kick, and looked very lovely, that everyone’s look soon swung to her. Be that as it may, resembles the Dabangg on-screen character appear to have suspected something!

At the Filmfare grants on Friday night a ton of invitees saw Jacqueline Fernandez showering a ton of undesirable consideration on Salman Khan. Salman, one might say immediately, remained distinctively unaffected. Says a performing artist, “Salman was all alone trek at the grants. He appeared to be glad in his own organization. However, Jacqueline would have none of that. She continued racing to him backstage where they were both planning to perform live.”According to this on-screen character the consideration looking for was excessively self-evident. “We’ve seen different on-screen characters comfortable up to Salman. Parcel of on-screen characters are flourishing in Bollywood on account of Khan advancing them. Seeing Jacqueline’s conduct that night, we could say she could be the privileged individual from that club.” A nearby amigo of Salman says the over-accommodating conduct at the grants capacity was an indication of Jacqueline’s uneasiness to get into the Kick spin-off. “Since the time that Salman half-facetiously said Jacqueline won’t be in Kick 2 she has been feeling the squeeze,” chuckles the amigo.

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