Salman Khan needs to have NOTHING to do with the Ranbir Kapoor – Katrina Kaif separatio

Here’s why the actor has distanced himself from the ongoing drama between Ranbir and Katrina


Once nibbled twice modest ? Has Salman Khan learnt from his past errors ? On the off chance that dear companions are to be trusted then the performing artist needs NOTHING to do with the show between Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor. They may have hung out on Saturday night at regular companion Ali Abbas’ gathering however believe us that doesn’t generally mean anything. Why ? Perused on..

Salman and Katrina post their much open separation have figured out how to stay companions. They aren’t on velocity dial with one another, however Kat keeps on being a piece of Salman’s family capacities and is near his sisters. So it wasn’t a major amazement when she chose to swing to Salman and incline toward his bankable companionship. Before you bounce the firearm and envision that Khan may play Agony Aunt to his ex and sort things out for her and RK, we can let you know that he needs to avoid the show.

A source lets us know, “Salman is not the sort to request his recommendation to anybody. He has avoided Katrina and kept up a solid separation when she began dating Ranbir. Why might now be any distinctive ? He wouldn’t like to mediate and at the gathering where they met, he was just listening closely and listening to her. It appears that the theme of RK didn’t manifest at all and the two ex-partners were really talking about different things.”

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