Bigg Boss 9 finale: Nora Fatehi, Rimi Sen, Keith Sequeira pick their favourites!

Everybody has their favorites and so do the evicted housemates

Today is the Bigg Boss 9 finale. Four contestants — Mandana Karimi, Prince Narula, Rochelle Maria Rao and Rishabh Sinha — are vying for the trophy.


We asked this season’s eliminated contestants who they are rooting for and why. Here’s what they had to say…

Suyyash Rai:

Prince. Since Kishwer (Merchantt) is out, he has come out very strong, especially the way he put his points across when Imam Siddique had visited the show. Rochelle won’t win for sure, the competition is between Prince and Mandana. I would say 51 per cent Prince and 49 per cent Mandana ,just going by my gut feeling. They might even make Rishabh win because so far, no wild card entrant has won.

Kishwer Merchantt:

Prince, because he is the only genuine person inside. He has made mistakes I agree, but I know ki agar ussne mujhe sister maana hai toh woh bahar aakar nibhayega yeh rishta. The others are manipulative and are playing a game. He, however, definitely has competition from Mandana. Even though people don’t like her much, she made made things go around her.

Gizele Thakral:

Mandana will win because of her strategy of not mixing with others, playing individually and being the target throughout the game. However, I would like Rishabh to win as he was a true entertainer. He was not forcefully fighting with anyone. Also, a wild card entrant should win in the history of Bigg Boss.

Vikas Bhalla:

Mandana. She’s probably the only one who has a great individualistic personality, and is playing the game the way it should be played. She was pretty clear right from the start that she’s not in there to make friends, but to play a game. Most importantly she didn’t change her nature, equations, opinion or stance with time or situations.

Ankit Gera:

Mandana, because she has been strong since Day One. Others wait for the right time and place to speak, but she doesn’t care for that. She speaks for her rights. Besides, she is very good-looking and it will be nice if a beautiful girl wins, right?

Aman Verma:

I always thought one of these three women will win — Rochelle, Mandana or Kishwer. Since Kishwer is out, I would say Rochelle is the dark horse. She came out with a different personality when Keith had to leave the house when his brother passed away. I liked it, though at times she was overbearing.

Yuvika Choudhary:

Prince because he has lots of fans and they love him.

Nora Fatehi:

Prince because he has emerged as a very strong contestant throughout the season. He has maintained a stand, performed all his tasks well, entertained and played the game well.

Keith Sequeira:

Rochelle because she has kept it real. She has made mistakes, done things that are not right, but has also apologised from her heart. She also has sense of humour. At the same time she is competitive, has her own opinion and doesn’t back off when she is right.

Rimi Sen:

Mandana because whatever she has been in the house, she has been consistent from the beginning.

Digangana Suryavanshi:

Mandana who has been very firm about the things that she has said.

Rochelle Maria Rao and Rishabh Sinha who are also among the finalists found few takers.

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