Mahima Chaudhry discusses her up and coming film motivated by the breathtaking Sheena Bora murder case!

The diva talks about her role as Indrani Mukerjea, Riya Sen as daughter Sheena Bora and about the men in Indrani’s life! Read on…

Dull Chocolate, a Bengali film enlivened by the electrifying, so far unsolved homicide (the case is right now being researched) of 24-year-old Sheena Bora, is prepared. Coordinated by Agnidev Chatterjee, it stars Mahima Chaudhry and Riya Sen. Chaudhry will depict the part of Ishani Banerjee, a character taking into account murder charged Indrani Mukerjea while on-screen character Riya Sen will article Rina Bardhan, a part propelled by Sheena. Victor Banerjee (media aristocrat Peter Mukerjea) will be depicted by Sudeep Mukherjee. The film will be named in Hindi and discharged in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Bangladesh separated from Kolkata and discharge on Feb 19. Here, the screen mother-little girl twosome discuss shooting for the film in light of a standout amongst the most shocking instances of our time.


Mahima Chaudhry

The plot depends on the reason: Can a mother execute her own tyke? In the event that I hadn’t read it in the papers, I would have found the story over-the-top and unrealistic, all things considered. I have caught wind of child murder, however having developed, sustained and gave that tyke monetary backing, if the mother achieves a point where she can’t endure that youngster, it’s something to consider. The film doesn’t generally fathom the puzzle, so it’s fluffy. The story is similar to chocolate, which individuals can’t avoid but then leaves a sharp taste in their mouths, yet despite everything they hunger for it. Agnidev came to meet me in Mumbai and said, ‘It’s an account of a mother associated with executing her girl and is approximately enlivened by the Sheena Bora murder case.’ I said it’s exceptionally intriguing and far simpler for me to do than wear chiffon sarees and move around trees. I requesting that he give me several months to get myself controlled into an eating routine and workout. He said that would overcome the reason as he needed me to look basic and not wear cosmetics. He needed the group of onlookers to consider how a customary young lady could have had such a large number of mates, such a large number of individuals beginning to look all starry eyed at her, how she got fortunate, what was so exceptional about her. I got up and embraced him! He said on the off chance that I said yes, I would need to come to Kolkata in two days and begin shooting. My first scene was the cross examination. I communicate in Bengali, so the dialect wasn’t an issue. Additionally my character goes from Assam and Mumbai to Kolkata, so separated from Bengali, I likewise talk in Hindi and English. I figure I can say now that I appeared in a Bengali film.

All things considered, stories like this you can’t give your own inputs — the stand out individual who controls the story is the chief and where he needs to take the story or play it up. You can’t get your own take as you definitely know to such an extent. The film depleted me… It’s not a positive sentiment to play characters like this. You begin feeling who would it be advisable for me to trust now? These are the same malice individuals from your general public moving around you. I met many people in Kolkata who said Sanjiv Khanna is a brilliant, well-talked man. They all said, ‘How could Sanju have accomplished something like this?’ They would allude to him so affectionately and called him Sanju. In the film my characters are dared to be malevolent, they are not who we think they are, so the crowd will think might I be able to have done it?

Riya plays my little girl in the film and she was a considerable measure of fun. Her sister Raima and mother went ahead the sets and the Sens were a mob. It was great to hang out with them. A few scenes like the hacking scenes which we shot in Shantiniketan made me feel extremely discouraged and Riya and I would feel yucky doing them while shooting them in a remote wilderness however she generally perked me up. Riya is a lovely young lady and we got along exceptionally w

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