Katrina Kaif should handle her break-up with Ranbir Kapoor

so cynics feel that the recent break up of Bollywood’s IT couple is just a publicity gimmick. But there are others who are fans of the actors and they really wanna know what happen…



Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor’s break up has come as a shocker to their fans. People who have been closely following the couple were expecting this news to come out soon. And even as buzz suggests that it was ‘irreconcilable differences’ that lead to the couple’s split, the NATION wants to know (in Arnab Goswami’s inimitable style) what really went wrong? While everybody is waiting to hear either party’s official comment and confirmation on this, the industry insiders claim it is indeed over. Katrina has been putting up a brave front and promoting her upcoming movie Fitoor. But the actress has been asked the same question at every event and do. Here are five ways Katrina can handle her much talked about break up with Ranbir in public…

#Royal IGNORE!

The babe can just turn a deaf year, which is what she has done so far. Ms Kaif can just snub the paparazzi and behave like she doesn’t really care about whatever is being spoken about her relationship/break up. The actress can mute out all questions on Ranbir Kapoor that are coming her way. And yes, walk out from events/interviews that get into her personal space.

#Put out an OFFICIAL statement

Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan’s split and the consequent divorce became a fodder for gossip mills. Both the parties came out and gave statements to the press clarifying their stance on how they have moved on in life. In fact, Kalki Koechlin and Anurag Kashyap battled the paps in style when they issued a joint statement, so that they would not be bothered with more questions at every public outing of theirs. Now we know that neither Katrina nor Ranbir had ever made their relationship official, but it was not hidden from the media. So may be getting their publicists to give out and official statement might just help a little bit.

#Come out and own up!

This is a very rare possibility, considering that out Bollywoodwallahs are so shy about admitting their affairs in public. Since Kat has been braving all talks about her split with either a smile or a smug face, while RK Jr is nowhere in the public. Hence for her there is no evading these questions. Katrina can put a full stop to all this by just admitting that things are indeed over and clarify.


Katrina has always maintained that she will admit to being in a relationship the day she gets hitched. And if that is the case then the actress can behave like her relationship/break up with Ranbir never really happened. This might need her to put up her best acting face and in the long run will help her silence all talks of the affair and the split.

#Join social media

One of the best ways to declare anything is – use social media. It is a one way communication, where you make you opinion clear and ask everybody to shut up. Katrina is not on social media currently, so may be she can consider this option, join Twitter/Facebook and do the needful.

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