Kabir Bedi and Parveen Dusanj wanting to begin a family soon?

It’s never too late for this couple! Read on…


At the point when Kabir Bedi welcomed a rundown of B-Townies for his 70th birthday, no one would’ve speculated that it was a welcome to his fourth marriage! Kabir Bedi, matured 70, wedded long-lasting accomplice Parveen Dusanj, 41 on January 15. This is the on-screen character’s fourth marriage and Parveen’s first.

Kabir’s first wife was the late danseuse Protima (mother to Pooja and the perished Siddharth), his second was Susan Humphreys (they have a child together — Adam). His third shaadi was to TV/radio moderator, Nikki Bedi. It is however regular that Parveen would need her own particular kids sometime in the future. Kabir and she have been as one for 10 years now. Parveen understood that her natural clock is ticking and since she and Mr Bedi weren’t wedded, she’d solidified her eggs as a safeguard. As, it’s same to expect they plan to begin another family soon. Think about how Kabir’s first-conceived Pooja will take the news, given her strained association with her dad over Parveen.

Who doesn’t know the acclaimed tweet that Pooja Bedi put out when the business was praising the marriage of Kabir and Parveen. Clearly it offered ascend to a few inquiries of Kabir and Pooja’s relationship. She brought the tweet down and we ponder what altered her opinion however it is clear that Pooja is not content with Dad Kabir’s fourth marriage and from the looks of him arranging a second youngster, we think about how Pooja’s response will be, hair-raising I assume? *can’t wai

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