Bollywood supports Sunny Leone and her BADASS replies to an interviewer!

She is trending and rightfully so, even Bollywood agrees!


Sunny Leone‘s past may not haunt her but it definitely is haunting a few people so much so that they find it difficult to ask a simple question without hinting at her pornography background. The actress has never shied away from what she was and doesn’t even regret being part of that industry. She has been an inspiration for many who judge their own self. She has no qualms about it. But in a recent interview, the interviewer was hell bent on making the actress accept that her status as a pornstar will never cease to exist and she should accept it as a mistake. Well, he didn’t know who he was talking to. Sunny shut him down bravely with calm replies which hit where it hurts. She was so bang on that even Bollywood supported her wholeheartedly.

Most of them felt it was no way to ask questions to woman irrespective of what she was part of before. The reactions were strong and many didn’t even stop at calling out the reporter for being so atrocious with his queries.

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