Bigg Boss : Fans pick Prince Narula over Rishabh Sinha as the WINNER of this season!

The close fight between the two definitely couldn’t have got any better than this….


So the champ arrives folks! With lion’s share of votes, Prince Narula has effectively figured out how to beat Mandana Karimi, Rishabh Sinha and Rochelle Rao, to wind up the champ of Bigg Boss 9! Yes, you read that privilege! In spite of the fact that the last decision will be declared tomorrow by host Salman Khan! It’s on the premise of this “victors” survey’ that we are proclaiming Prince as the BB9 champ at this moment! Yes! The same survey that we had directed a week back. You’ll astounded to discover that 40 percent of the general population have voted in favor of Prince, unmistakably refering to they trust he is more meriting than the remaining finalists.

It’s truly diverting to discover how Prince is driving with such a large number of votes! Particularly in correlation to Rishabh! For all that we know, numerous had their wagers put on either Rishabh or Mandana given that Prince has effectively won two reality appears and it is out of line to make him the victor once more. However in opposition to the above, if our survey result is anything to pass by then this just demonstrates how fans are saving nothing to make their Prince win! Look at Twitter responses and you would acknowledge how dominant part of the general population are agreeable to Prince against Rishabh!

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